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FAITH is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to finding solutions to problems that plague South Asia. The region has faced conflict since gaining independence from the British Empire in 1947. Political, geographic, and cultural divisions inhibit reconciliation and peace, in spite of the many overlapping cultural and ethnic identities of South Asian peoples. We will harness the power of interdisciplinary and international scholarship to resolve conflict and right injustices. Rather than a world in which disinformation is spread on social media and the “free” press is influenced by governments, we envision a world in which collaborative research in the region addresses social problems, a world in which scholarship informs just government policies, and a world in which all individuals are free to live safe and dignified lives.


To achieve these aims in South Asia, FAITH has three primary foci. In partnership with other organisations, we will:

1) publish an open-source journal, the South Asian Journal of Law, Policy, and Social Science, to inform practice and policy;

2) operate an incubator fund for individuals to address social justice issues to improve peoples’ lives; and

3) host colloquia for international scholars to problem-solve and provide action-based solutions for pressing problems facing South Asia.

FAITH is established under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and has a registered office in the National Capital Territory of India.

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South Asian Journal of Law, Policy, and Social Research

South Asian Journal of law policy and social research, change the info to this paragraph: The South Asian Journal of Law, Policy, and Social Research (SAJLPSR) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to create an interdisciplinary research platform to foster prospective solutions to legal and social issues in South Asian countries. The journal publishes original research, with each issue focusing on a central social justice theme promoting an interdisciplinary legal and social science perspective. The theme for the first special edition of the journal is Gender-Based Violence in South Asia. Future special edition issues will follow, each focusing on a social justice issue in South Asia in an effort to promote policy created from evidence-based social science. The aim of each special edition—to impact policy and social practice—will be supported by bringing together interdisciplinary researchers and policymakers through colloquia and shared spaces to engage in robust dialogue.

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Incubator Funds

FAITH will fund social justice initiatives/projects pertinent to South Asia. Each year, we will fund (subjected to availability of funds) a total of four projects after a peer-review selection process. Applicants must complete the proposal application. The aim is to facilitate social justice through innovative ideas and to bring change to the region. We will prioritize proposals that have a direct impact on social causes that need immediate attention in South Asia. (If you are interested in supporting the social justice incubator fund, please contact us at


FAITH will host colloquia on various social issues plaguing South Asian countries to find solutions through debate and discussion with renowned international scholars in their respective fields. We will facilitate international colloquia by partnering with organizations and institutions around the world. These collaborations will provide diverse cultural perspectives and foster connections among regional and international scholars and students.



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